We talk with Holly Beilin, Editor-in-Chief of Hypepotamus, a digital publication that covers the Startup news, events, people and companies of the Southeastern innovation economy.


Show Notes:

  • :50 Holly Introduction
  • 1:38 Where do you see the development of the current startup ecosystem going?
  • 4:16 Is the ecosystem better fit for niche industries or open to all?
  • 6:38 How to begin a startup ecosystem in your own city?
  • 9:38 Core value guides your daily approach
  • 11:45 Getting coverage by Hypepotamus
  • 13:22 Her biggest responsibility to the brand
  • 15:20 Tools you use for internal management or communication
  • 18:48 Book currently reading
  • 19:38 How to learn more about Hypepotamus and connect with Holly
  • 20:28 Moment of Brand Focus


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