We talk with Harry Whelchel, founder of, a platform focused on helping B2B founders and marketers get started with conversational marketing and customer engagement in their businesses via chatbots.


Show Notes:

  • 1:20 Harry Introduction
  • 1:50 Information about ConvoPanda
  • 3:10 Why Chatbots are important in business
  • 6:10 The purpose of chatbots on your website
  • 7:49 Core value that guides your daily approach
  • 11:00 His biggest responsibility to the brand
  • 12:00 5-year brand vision
  • 14:03 Most impactful book he’s read (Dotcom Secrets)
  • 17:25 How chatbots increase online conversion rates
  • 6:00 If he could have a role on any TV show, past or present, what would it be and why?
  • 20:39 How to learn more about and connect with Harry
  • 22:00 Brand Focused Moment

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