The Brand Focus© Podcast is a resource run by Antoine Woods Jr., to provide insight and proven strategies for establishing, leading & growing a successful brand.

Each week we provide you with deep dives into the branding process and interviews from founders providing insight into how they’re leading their innovative businesses.

Antoine Woods Jr.


Beyond hosting the podcast, I’m a brand strategist & help provide clarity, drive consistency & ignite growth within businesses.

Since 2012, I’ve helped Startup Founders, C-Suite Executives, and Non-Profit Executive Directors position their brands for sustainable growth in the market via my Brand Focus© Framework which defines the four (4) most pivotal areas of their brand’s development – Positioning, Target Audience, Messaging & Communication Strategy.

This process establishes internal & external brand clarity, enabling you to confidently say who you are, what you do, & who you do it for. When clarity is present, effective communication is enabled & growth within your business is inevitable.

And this is my goal for the podcast, to assist you with insights that lead to you establishing,  leading, and growing successful brand

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