In this episode of the Brand Focus Podcast, we discuss & define positioning and explain why it should be a key focus of your business.


Show Notes:

  • :10 *Sponsor Sponsor*
  • 1:48 Intro
  • 2:19 How all of us have a brand
  • 2:29 What is a brand?
  • 4:10 Why Positioning is the most important element of your business strategy?
  • 5:08 What is positioning?
  • 5:57 History of Positioning
  • 7:44 How Positioning impacts your marketing?
  • 10:14 My personal experience with building a business without defining positioning
  • 12:38 Is brand positioning right for your business?
  • 14:00 How to approach defining positioning


Resources Mentioned:

  • Sign-up today for the best freelancers on the web
  • Episode 013:
  • Brand Focus Coaching:


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