*Episode Sponsor – Brand Focus Coaching Program* In this week’s episode of the Brand Focus Podcast we respond to a question posed by listener Daniel H. from D.C, on “how to know you have the right consultant for your brand” and provide a few things to look for before committing.

Question: Daniel asked, “I’m currently in a contract with a graphic designer who is redesigning my website, business cards, logo, and etc. but after hearing your show I’m now worried about my investment.  The designer and I had only two conversations before the project started, and we never discussed any of the foundational brand elements that you speak of. Should I be worried about the results I’ll receive since he doesn’t really know my business? How do you recommend I approach finding the right person for the job.”

This is a great question, and in today’s episode, I provide two recommendations for determining if you have the right consultant for your brand.

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