We talk with Connor Gillivan, co-founder & CMO of, a freelancing platform that recruits, interviews and vets thousands of freelancers each month and provides you with the top 1% of applicants.


Show Notes:

1:12 Connor Introduction
1:38 Information about
2:19 Connor’s Entrepreneurial journey
4:24 Best advice he’s ever received
4:47 Most impactful book he’s read (think and grow rich)
6:00 If he could have a role on any TV show, past or present, what would it be and why?
6:49 Core value guides your daily approach
7:30 His biggest responsibility to the brand
8:34 Most difficult part of building a brand
10:15 tools you use for internal management or communication (Skype for team meetings, weekly meetings, defined goals)
12:17 biggest misstep while developing your brand and what he learned from it
13:46 5-year brand vision
14:47 How to learn more about and connect with Connor
15:22 Moment of Brand Focus

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