In this episode of the Brand Focus Podcast we discuss the importance of brand positioning. We’re revisiting the elements of your brand core & diving into new additions to this first phase of our Brand Focus framework. Learn why positioning is important to your brand & how the 12 focal points of your Brand Core prepare your¬†business to gain traction in the market.

Show Notes:

  • 1:50 Our viewpoint on branding
  • 2:59 So why is positioning important
  • 4:06 Core Values
  • 4:39 Vision statement
  • 5:00 Mission statement
  • 5:20 Mindset
  • 5:49 Category
  • 6:00 Target market
  • 6:20 What you do
  • 6:34 What you offer
  • 6:48 Who you offer to
  • 7:23 Differentiator
  • 8:13 Value Proposition
  • 8:30 Positioning Statement
  • 10:39 Recap of Brand Core


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