In this episode of the Brand Focus Podcast, Host Antoine Woods Jr. begins a 2 part series on “How to prepare for launching your brand”. In part 1, which covers the “internal launch”, he provides “5 ways to launch your brand internally” and speaks on why a successful internal launch ignites the success of your external launch.

Show Notes:

  • 1:20 Intro topic
  • 2:28 why an internal launch is important to the success of the external launch
  • 3:09 What a clear understanding of your brand accomplishes
  • 3:53 Why internal communications often fall flat
  • 6:06 5 ways for how to prepare for launching your brand internally
  • 6:19 1st way – Aligning your brand from the top, down.
  • 7:48 2nd way – Hiring & performance review processes.
  • 9:05 3rd way – Implement Brand Training Programs
  • 10:19 4th way – Debrief team on all promotional campaigns
  • 12:08 5th way – Reinforce and reward your team
  • 14:25 Recap of the all 5 ways
  • 15:32 Key takeaway


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