In this episode of the Brand Focus Podcast, Host Antoine Woods Jr. provides “7 steps for how to not screw up naming your brand. Throughout the episode, he provides insight into “What’s the purpose of a name”, provides the “4 types of business names”,  offers an important tip to consider before embarking on the naming process, and provides a free “Business Naming Checklist” that’s available for download.

Show Notes:

  • The reason for your business name  2:33
  • 4 types of business names 4:32
  • Trivia question 7:29
  • Important tip before starting the naming journey 10:34
  • Promotional message 11:30
  • Free Business Naming Checklist download 13:00
  • 7 steps for how not to screw up naming your brand 13:50
  • 7 step recap 26:28
  • Brand naming assistance 27:40


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